About Us.

We have been established since 1913. Located in St Thomas, Ontario. We have traditional, european, and modern north american ideaology of barbering. We are masters of the blade!

Dudes and Dads delivers stunning hair design and exceptional attention to details with a primary focus on the true barber shop experience.

Dudes and Dads is focused on masculine tastes and needs of today's gentleman, and has firmly established itself as the premier gentleman's barbershop in town. The establishment has been around for over a century and has always been a true barbershop. Featuring a decor with masculine appeal reminiscent of an old time mechanic's garage to a barbershop, vintage barber chairs, smell of barbacide with bay rum aftershave aromas fill the air help create the perfect atmosphere for our business.

In today's busy world quality, convenience and value are the answer. We offer precision grooming services, featured hair/skin products engineered for men. We are proudly a traditional, and modern barbershop. Hair styles for men require a knowledge past hairstyling. Understanding the structure to a man's face, lines, shape, mass, texture, and colour to not only compliment his head shape, but to keep it masculine! We emphasize the importance of looking "Mansome", keeping the rhythm, contrast, and balance of their hairstyle to the proper portions of their head. We don't do "androgyny".


Great Service is Our Top Priority.

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Why choose Dudes and Dads

Top Talent

Expect confident and exceptional barbers with skills that are above and beyond typical hair stylist. We are experts in our field!

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Hip Haircuts

In an visual world, and a very fashion driven industry, our work speaks for you before you have too. If you want a classic respectable men's look or a daring and bold unique style, we have your best fashion accessory covered!

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Technical Expertise

Trained in traditional old school barbering and modern men's grooming, we are quick, precise, consistent, and innovative! View Features

Modern Design

We fine tooth combed (pun intended) every client, leaving only the best hair design in order for him to shine.

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We continue to prove "old school barbering" is an art, and alive!

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Dudes and Dads Barber Shop

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I find the right barber?

    What services can we offer you today? Peruse our team page to find the right fit!

  • That blade near my neck looks dangerous?

    That’s because it is, my friend. It’s a good thing your hair is being sliced by a blade MASTER. So rest easy, k?

  • Will your services change my life?

    We’d like to think they will. We’ll take care of your look. Charm is all on you.

  • Can I try this at home?

    You can. And you can regret that decision too. We say why risk it?

  • Do you take appointments?

    You can book one with Gregory. You better BOOK NOW! He books early in the week, so get in touch quickly! Better yet, prebook your appointments. You can alter them later if you can't make them. That way you garauntee yourself a spot for the future. No fee in pre-bookings.

  • How do I get in for a hair cut?

    Walk in! Have a seat, grab a magazine, and wait your turn. Or Call/text Gregory at 519-851-1741 for an appointment on a Saturday!

  • When is a good time to come in and not wait?

    If we had a crystal ball to see into the future and get an answer for you... We would of won the lottery and retired. Sorry.

  • I'm bald, now what?

    We can shave your head for you, or trim your nose and ear hairs, and eyebrows.

  • Do you colour hair?

    YES! We do! We have 10 min colours to bullseye blend greys, or as we call them Chrome highlights. Or we can offer a 100% grey coverage service. No appointment needed for this.

  • I want a hot towel shave!

    You haven't lived until you had one by us! Please call and book an appointment so that we can offer you the best experience possible for this ultimate service.

  • How do I pay?

    We currently accept Cash and Credit card payments only. Not Debit Visas or Debit. Sorry for the inconvience.

  • I only want one barber, but I don't want to be rude. What do I do?

    You can have one barber. Just sit down and let us know you are waiting for your specific barber. We don't get offended, and you will see your speciailist.

  • Do you book for Groomsmen parties?

    On occasion we do. Depends on what's required, and timing. It's best to contact Gregory to find out more about. Please call us for further information.